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    27 May 2024

    愛國商人逾2億購大潭豪宅 發展商持貨35年終割愛
    Patriotic businessman buys luxury property in Tai Tam for over $200 million, developer sold the property after holding it for 35 years

    資料顯示, 姚志勝為嘉祥交通(亞洲)集團董事局主席、全國政協委員、中國和平統一促進會香港總會會長,過往亦曾經投資商廈,近年就曾經以10.5億元購入中環中心第43樓;1.05億元購入金鐘力寶中心2座中層單位。

    After the real estate market cooled down, buyers were no longer bothered by various tax incentives, attracting celebrities to take advantage of the situation and enter the market. Information from the Land Registry shows that there were two consecutive first-hand sales of Hong Kong Parkview in Tai Tam. They are Rooms 91 and 93 on the 22nd floor of Block 17 of Hong Kong Parkview, with salable areas of 2,188 square feet and 2,626 square feet. They are both 4-bedroom units. Transactions were between $92.99 million and$111.6 million, with a price per square foot of $42,500. The buyer is Competent Limited whose directors include Yao Zhisheng and Lu Yanshuang.
    Information shows that Yao Zhisheng is the Chairman of the board of directors of Jiaxiang Transportation (Asia) Group, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and the president of the Hong Kong Association of the Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China. He has also invested in commercial buildings in the past. In recent years, he purchased the 43rd floor of The Center for 1.05 billion. and purchased a mid-rise unit in Tower 2 of Admiralty Lippo Center for $105 million.
    As for the Hong Kong General Association of the China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, which he serves as president, it was established in 2009. Its website states that its purpose is to widely connect and unite people from all walks of life in Hong Kong, hold high the banner of peaceful reunification, adhere to the one-China principle, and resolutely oppose "Taiwan independence" ” etc. The director of the Hong Kong Federation is former chief executive and vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Tung Chee-hwa.
    Information shows that Hong Kong Parkview, developed by Parkview Group, was occupied as early as 1989. The building is now over 35 years old. The developer still retains a small number of units to collect rent, and the above two units were recently sold. In the same building, a total of 3 sales were recorded in the first May of this year, with transaction prices ranging from $24,519 to $35,000 per square foot.