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    23 May 2024

    王菲低價沽深灣9號4房 新買家加價1240萬放摸
    Faye Wong sells 4-room unit of Marinella at a low price. The new buyer will increase the price by 12.4 million to sell the property

    樓市撤辣後,不少藝人趁旺市沽貨。市場消息透露,樂壇天后王菲上月底以6450萬元,售出黃竹坑深灣9號1座中層A室,實用面積1949平方呎,屬於4房雙套間隔,呎價33,094元。區內代理透露,單位由海外註冊公司Clayton Worldwide Holdings Limited,於2011年以逾5233萬元購入,當年買賣文件由王菲經理人陳家瑛(Katie)代為簽署,王菲及後以170 萬元購入屋苑一個車位,合共約5403.6 萬元,以現時成交價6450萬元計,王菲持貨約12年半,帳面獲利1046.4萬元,賺幅19.4%。

    After the property market cooled down, many artists took advantage of the booming market to sell properties. According to market news, music queen Faye Wong sold the middle-floor Room A of Block 1, Marinella, Wong Chuk Hang, for $64.5 million at the end of last month. The unit has a usable area of 1,949 square feet and is a 4-bedroom unit. The price per square foot is $33,094. An agent in the district revealed that the unit was purchased by Clayton Worldwide Holdings Limited, an overseas registered company, in 2011 for more than $52.33 million. The purchase and sale documents that year were signed by Faye Wong’s manager Katie Chen. Faye Wong later purchased a car parking space for $1.7 million. Based on the current transaction price of 64.5 million, Faye Wong has held the stock for about 12 and a half years and made a book profit of 10.464 million, a profit margin of 19.4%.
    Agents in the area pointed out that Faye Wong originally offered the property at a price of 80 million, but subsequently sold it at a reduced price of 15.5 million. The artist Carina Lau had earlier sold a slightly higher unit A in the same building for $73.8 million. In other words, in less than a month, the price of the unit sold by Faye Wong was $9.3 million or 12.6% lower than that of Carina Lau. In addition, Faye Wong provided a long transaction period of about 5 months to new buyers. Therefore, after the new buyers grabbed the lowest price, they immediately increased the price by 12.4 million, and the current price is 76.9 million . They will sell the property as confirmor.
    However, since the unit is currently occupied by tenants and cannot be visited, the monthly rent is about $85,000.