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    21 May 2024

    名人沽貨│信託人公會主席劉嘉時8088萬沽渣甸山豪宅 持貨近25年大賺逾半億
    Chairman of the Trustees Asso, Lau Ka-shi, sold Jardine's Lookout unit for $80.88M & made more than $50M in the past 25 years

    有業主趁樓市氣氛好轉而乘機沽貨獲利,市場消息指,渣甸山畢拉山苑一個雙號洋房,實用面積1,580平方呎,最新以8,088萬元沽出,呎價約51,190元。原業主為LAU KA SHI BETSY,名字與香港信託人公會主席劉嘉時相同,預計兩者為同一人。劉嘉時亦是BCT銀聯集團高級顧問,現有繼續參與各界或專業組織的執行委員會。她早於2013年獲政府頒授「銅紫荊星章」(BBS) 勳銜,曾任不少公職,如服務於最低工資委員會、醫院管理局、婦女事務委員會,及香港金融發展局等。
    至於新買家則為為MARIOLAND LIMITED,是一所非本地註冊公司。

    Some owners are taking advantage of the improvement in the property market to profit from selling. According to market news, a double-numbered house with a usable area of 1,580 square feet in Mount Butler Lodge, Jardine's Lookout, was recently sold for $80.88 million. The price per square foot is about $51,190. The original owner is LAU KA SHI BETSY, whose name is the same as Lau Ka-shi, chairman of the Hong Kong Trustees Association. It is expected that the two are the same person. Lau Ka Shi is also a senior consultant of BCT UnionPay Group and continues to participate in the executive committees of various walks of life or professional organizations. She was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) by the government in 2013 and has served in many public offices, such as serving on the Minimum Wage Commission, the Hospital Authority, the Women's Commission, and the Hong Kong Financial Development Council.
    As early as 1999, she and a related person bought the above-mentioned house for $23.5 million and held it for about 25 years. The current selling unit has a book profit of about $57.38 million, which has appreciated significantly by about 2.44 times during the period.
    As for the new buyer, it is MARIOLAND LIMITED, a non-local registered company.
    After checking the information, there have always been few transactions in Mount Butler Lodge. The last transaction was in 2021. At that time, a double-numbered house was sold for $68 million, with a usable area of 1,379 square feet and a price per square foot of about $49,311.