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    10 May 2024

    Victor Li Tzar-kuoi’s wife earned 30 million from selling her Fontana Gardens property!

    The government's recent measures to remove spicy goods have significantly stimulated trading activity in the Hong Kong property market. During this wave of property market recovery, many celebrities chose to sell their properties when the market was hot. According to market news, the wife of "Cheung Hutchison" (00001) Chairman Victor Li, Cynthia Wong, recently sold a luxury unit in Tai Hang for $43 million. The unit has been purchased for $8.1 million in 2003. , has been held for nearly 21 years, with a book profit of 34.9 million.
    The unit is located on the lower floor of Fontana Gardens, with a usable area of 2,560 square feet. The price per square foot of this transaction reached $16,797. Built in 1965, Fontana Gardens is a historic luxury residential complex in Tai Hang District. It has 6 buildings and provides 285 units. The unit's salable area ranges from 770 to 2,750 square feet. Although second-hand transactions are infrequent, luxury gardens often attract celebrities to choose this place as their residence due to their unique location and high-quality living environment.
    Other celebrities such as the famous Hong Kong musician Lam Yip-bong and his father Lam Siu-man also purchased a high-rise unit in Fontana Gardens for 28 million in 2009 and resold it for more than 70 million in 2021, making a profit on the books. Withdraw more than 42.28 million . In addition, Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen also purchased a unit in Fontana Gardens for her mother, and Aaron Kwok, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, is also one of the owners of Fontana Gardens.
    These data show that Hong Kong's property market has gradually picked up, stimulated by the government's withdrawal of spicy policies, especially the luxury housing market, which continues to attract the attention of celebrities and high-end buyers.