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    24 Apr 2024

    A nearly 3,500sf connected unit in Leighton Hill was sold for 160M

    上述涉的為禮頓山6座20樓A室及B室,前者連一個單位在7750萬元沽出,後者則連兩個車位在8250萬元沽出,分別由佳志環球有限公司(BEST AIM GLOBAL LIMITED)及TIME HARVEST VENTURES LIMITED兩間非本地公司購入,不過由於該兩個單位不約而同在今年3月25日簽署買賣合約,並在昨日登記註冊,不排除屬於同一個買家購入。

    Recently, a pair of connected luxury units in Leighton Hill, Happy Valley, were sold by SHKP (00016) or related parties for a total of $160 million, with three parking spaces, and the average practical square foot price is about $46,000. The adjacent unit was rented by the former Chief Secretary for Administration, Hui Shi-yan, in the early years.
    The above mentioned units are Room A and B on the 20th floor of Tower 6, Leighton Hill. The former was sold with a unit for $77.5 million, and the latter was sold with two parking spaces for $82.5 million. They were purchased by Best Global Limited (BEST) respectively. AIM GLOBAL LIMITED) and TIME HARVEST VENTURES LIMITED were purchased by two non-local companies. However, since the two units signed the sales contract on March 25 this year and registered it yesterday, it cannot be ruled out that they were purchased by the same buyer.
    Among them, Room A has a usable area of 1,724 square feet, while Room B has a usable area of 1,743 square feet, with a total area of 3,467 square feet. The unit has been occupied by Xu Shiren for many years since 2003, and was once accused of being a "rent-free occupancy". At that time, the two units were integrated, and it is unknown whether the split will be resumed later. If calculated based on the current total transaction price of $160 million, the average price per square foot is approximately $46,000.
    Unit B is owned by a subsidiary of SHKP and is a first-hand unit. It was previously tendered and announced to have been sold in the transaction record book; while Unit A was purchased by SHKP Kwok Family Private Company for $19.04 million.