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    10 Apr 2024

    薄扶林新盤│宏安MOUNT POKFULAM首錄成交 4700呎洋房逾3.3億元沽
    New project in Pokfulam│Wang On MOUNT POKFULAM records first transaction, 4,700 sq. ft. House sold for over $330 million

    宏安地產(01243) 及錦華合作的薄扶林MOUNT POKFULAM,首錄成交個案,以招標形式沽出86D號屋,實用面積4,765平方呎,成交價3.3355億元,呎價7萬元。該大屋屬5套房連家庭室間隔,另設2,231平方呎花園,以及955平方呎天台,設有獨立升降機以及私人泳池,附設兩個停車位於獨立停車層。
    宏安地產執行董事程德韻表示,MOUNT POKFULAM自開放現樓參觀以來,一直備受各地富豪及家族關注,查詢及預約者眾,參觀的人士當中約六成為內地及相關背景人士,其餘四成則為本地及世界各地富豪,當中不乏老牌家族成員。
    宏安地產營業及市務助理總經理黃文浩指,買家鍾情項目地理環境,享連綿翠綠開揚景觀及坐擁極高私隱度,買家亦對洋房佈局設計及用料給予高度評價,MOUNT POKFULAM 稍後將會正式開放兩幢連精裝修洋房予有興趣的人士參觀,暫時已錄得不少預約查詢。

    MOUNT POKFULAM in Pokfulam, a joint venture between Wang On Real Estate (01243) and Jinhua, recorded its first transaction. House No. 86D was sold through bidding, with a usable area of 4,765 square feet. The transaction price was $333.55 million and the price per square foot was$70,000. The large house has 5 suites with a family room, a 2,231-square-foot garden, a 955-square-foot rooftop, an independent lift and a private swimming pool. There are two parking lots on an independent parking level.
    Ching Tak Won Teresa, executive director of Wang On Real Estate, said that MOUNT POKFULAM has attracted the attention of wealthy people and families from all over the world since it opened for viewing. There are many inquiries and reservations. About 60% of the visitors are from the mainland and related backgrounds, and the remaining 40% are from the mainland. There are many wealthy people here and around the world, including members of established families.
    The Assistant general manager of sales and marketing of Wang On Real Estate, said that buyers love the geographical environment of the project, enjoying the continuous green and open landscape and the high degree of privacy. The buyers also speak highly of the layout design and materials of the bungalow. MOUNT POKFULAM will officially open two fully-decorated bungalows to interested parties later, and many reservation inquiries have been received so far.