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    08 Jan 2024

    老牌玩具商沽山頂萬呎大宅 勁賺7.5億
    Established toy dealer sells 10,000-square-foot house on the Peak and earns $750 million

    豪宅市場買賣氣氛升溫,市場消息透露,山頂盧吉道 25及26A&B號大宅剛以約9億元易手,呎價約7.7萬元,屬近半年二手市場最大額買賣。資料顯示,山頂盧吉道 25及26A&B號,地年10月推出市場放售,物業現為一幢兩層高的獨立屋,總地盤面積約31,544平方呎,最大可建面積約11,687平方呎,總實用面積約11,487平方呎,當時業主叫價約13億元。消息指雙方議價4億元後,以約9億元易手,呎價約7.7萬元。

    The transaction atmosphere in the luxury housing market is heating up. Market news revealed that the house at 25 and 26 A&B Lugard Road on the Peak have just changed hands for about $900 million, with a price of about $77,000 per square foot. It is the largest transaction in the second-hand market in the past six months. Information shows that Nos. 25 and 26 A&B, Lugard Road, The Peak, were put on the market in October 2020. The property is now a two-storey detached house with a total site area of ​​approximately 31,544 square feet and a maximum buildable area of ​​approximately 11,687 square feet. The total usable area is approximately 11,487 square feet, and the owner’s asking price at that time was approximately $1.3 billion. Sources indicate that after the two parties negotiated a price of $400 million, the property changed hands for approximately $900 million, with the price per square foot being approximately $77,000.
    It is understood that there are only 11 residential lots in the entire Lugard Road section of the Peak, and only 4 of them can overlook the Victoria harbour view and the prosperous scenery on both sides of the strait. The above-mentioned Nos. 25 and 26 Lugar Road are one of them. In addition, the property can be reached directly by driving along Mount Austin Road, which is wide enough to accommodate a seven-seater vehicle.
    After checking the information, we found that the property is owned by the Tsim Wing Kong family, a long-standing local toy dealer. It was purchased as early as 1999. The total price at that time was about 145 million. Based on the transaction price of 900 million, the book profit was 755 million after holding the goods for 25 years. , appreciated 5.2 times during the period.