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    22 Nov 2023

    一手新盤│長實波老道豪宅再錄成交 連車位呎價6.2萬
    1st hand property│Cheung Kong's 21 Borrett Road records transaction $62,000psf including one parking space

    長實 (01113)旗下超級豪宅半山區西部21 BORRETT ROAD,在今年中「世紀撻訂」後,長實重新招標推售單位,最新一間9樓6號室連1個車位以1.36億元沽出,略低過去年星資基金的出價。
    據成交紀錄冊顯示,21 BORRETT ROAD 9樓6號室,實用面積2,169平方呎,屬4房雙套間隔,連同一個車位以1.36億沽出,呎價約62,702元。
    參考當年新加坡基金華瑞資本,在2022年跟長實簽訂協議,當時以207.7億元購入21 BORRETT ROAD餘下總數152伙住宅以及一眾車位。通告列明,住宅單位市值呎價6.2萬元,再連同額外每個住宅車位500萬元及每個電單車位30萬元。
    以今次21 BORRETT ROAD 9樓6號室計算,作價1.36億元若扣除價值500萬元的車位,住宅部份市值約1.31億元,實用呎價約6萬元。

    21 BORRETT ROAD, a super luxury property owned by Cheung Kong Holdings (01113) in the west of Mid-Levels District. After the cancellation of transaction in the middle of this year, Cheung Kong has re-tendered units for sale. The latest room No. 6 on the 9th floor with 1 parking space was sold for $136 million. , slightly lower than last year’s bid from Star Capital Fund.
    According to the transaction record, Room 6 on the 9th floor of 21 BORRETT ROAD has a usable area of 2,169 square feet. It is a 4-bedroom double apartment. It was sold for $136 million together with a parking space, and the price per square foot is about $62,702.
    Referring to the then-Singapore fund Sino Suisse, it signed an agreement with Cheung Kong Asset Management in 2022 to purchase the remaining 152 residential units and a number of parking spaces at 21 BORRETT ROAD for $20.77 billion. The notice states that the market value of residential units is $62,000 per square foot, plus an additional $5 million per residential parking space and $300,000 per motorcycle parking space.
    Taking Room 6 on the 9th floor of 21 BORRETT ROAD this time, the price is $136 million. If the parking space worth $5 million is deducted, the market value of the residential part is about $131 million, and the practical price per square foot is about $60,000.