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    28 Sep 2023

    【天價銀主盤】遠航創辦人桂四海4.18億購傲璇銀主盤 單位原由陳紅天持有
    Kwai Sze Hoi, the founder of Ocean Line Holdings, purchased Opus for $418M which originally held by Chen Hong Tian

    是次涉及的傲璇(OPUS HONG KONG)5樓單位連同兩個車位,最初由祥祺集團陳紅天2015年以3.87億元,向太古地產(01972)購入作為自住,不過陳紅天年初起陸續有物業被銀行接管,其中傲璇單位由交通銀行接管。
    據資料顯示,該單位連同車位早前以4.18億元售出,新買家為Kwai Sze Hoi購入,跟遠航集團創辦人桂四海同名。桂四海據指在90年代創辦遠航集團,據稱擁有及管理30多艘遠洋船隊。而桂四海家族成員則曾經在兩年前以逾3.8億元購入半山區西部波老道21號新盤21 BORRETT ROAD兩內,連同今次購入傲璇,短短2年間以8億元入市,而桂四海本身亦持有半山寶雲道15號的獨立屋。

    Mainland China's Cheung Kei Group, Chen Hongtian, was in financial trouble earlier, and all his mansions and commercial buildings were turned into bank properties and taken over. Among them, the self-occupied Opus unit of The Peak was sold for $418 million earlier. The new buyer turned out to be Kwai Sze Hoi, the founder of Ocean Line Holdings, who has spent $800 million on many luxury properties in Hong Kong in recent years.
    The unit on the 5th floor of OPUS HONG KONG involved this time, together with two parking spaces, was originally purchased by Chen Hongtian of Cheung Kei Group from Swire Properties (01972) for $387 million in 2015 as his own residence. However, Chen Hongtian has successively purchased it since the beginning of the year. The properties were taken over by banks, including the Opus unit, which was taken over by the Bank of Communications.
    According to information, the unit and the parking space were sold for $418 million earlier. The new buyer was Kwai Sze Hoi, who has the same name as Kwai Sze Hoi, the founder of Ocean Line Holdings Group. Kwai Sze Hoi is said to have founded Ocean Line Holdings Group in the 1990s and is said to own and manage a fleet of more than 30 ocean-going vessels. Members of the Kwai Sze Hoi family purchased two properties at 21 BORRETT ROAD, a new development at No. 21 Borrett Road in the west of Mid-levels, for more than $380 million two years ago. Together with the current purchase of Prosperity, they entered the market for $800 million in just 2 years. , and Kwai Sze Hoi himself also owns a detached house at No. 15 Bowen Road, Mid-Levels.
    As for the unit on the 5th floor of Opus that was sold, the usable area is about 5,154 square feet. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 suites. Based on the transaction price of $420 million, the price per square foot is about $81,000. It is reported that this is the first time the project has recorded a second-hand transaction since it was first launched and sold by the developer in 2012. When the unit was invited to tender earlier, the property valuation was $680 million. Based on the current transaction price, the low market value is about 40%.