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    20 Sep 2023

    【銀主劈價】豪宅銀主盤6500萬沽 低銀行估價19%
    (Mortgagee Sale) Luxury property sold for 65 Million, 19% Lower than Bank Valuation


    Second-hand property prices continue to fall, the stock of mortgagee sale has increased sharply, and banks have sold mortgagee sale properties at a significant discount. According to market news, there is a low-floor unit in Block B of Park Place with a usable area of ​​2,113 square feet and a 4-bedroom partition. It was previously listed as a mortgagee property. The bank once offered a price of $75 million for the listing. After negotiation, the price was finally settled at about $65 million (with 2 parking spaces) sold, about 19% lower than the bank's online valuation of $80.56 million. Information shows that the original owner purchased it for 35 million as early as 2008. Since 2017, he has repeatedly increased mortgage loans and finally became the main banker.