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    22 Aug 2023

    【名人沽貨】賭王家人4000萬沽港島豪宅 勁賺2488萬元
    [Celebrity Selling] Gambling King’s Family Sells Hong Kong Island property for $40 Million and Earns $24.88 Million

    二手樓市觀望氣氛濃重,業主議價空間進一步擴大。市場消息透露,薄扶林寶翠園本月暫錄3宗二手買賣,其中寶翠園1座高層H室,實用面積1447平方呎,屬於4房雙套房及連多用途房間隔,而且向西南望開揚海景屬於屋苑優質單位,業主原本叫價4700萬元放盤,最終累減700萬元以4000萬元易手,較銀行網上估價4102萬低約2%,仍屬市價水平。資料顯示,單位原業主為Lucina Laam King Ying(藍瓊纓),即澳門賭王何鴻燊二太太,其於1999年以約1512萬元購入單位,一直用作收租,月租約7.2萬元。藍氏去年離世後由其兒子何猷龍(新濠博亞娛樂主席兼行政總裁)繼承,並成功以4000萬轉售,持貨24年帳面獲利2488萬元。

    The wait-and-see atmosphere in the second-hand property market is strong, and the room for bargaining by owners has been further expanded. According to market sources, Pok Fu Lam The Belcher’s temporarily recorded 3 second-hand transactions this month. Among them, Room H, a high-rise building in Block 1, The Belcher’s, has a salable area of ​​1,447 square feet. It is a 4-bedroom double suite with a multi-purpose room partition and looks southwest seaview is a high-quality housing estate unit. The owner originally asked for a price of $47 million to put it on the market. In the end, it changed hands for $40 million after a cumulative reduction of $7 million. It is about 2% lower than the bank's online valuation of $41.02 million, and it is still at the market price level. According to the data, the original owner of the unit was Lucina Laam King Ying , the second wife of Macau gambling king Stanley Ho. She bought the unit for about $15.12 million in 1999 and has been using it for rent collection, with a monthly rent of about $72,000. After Lan's death last year, he was succeeded by his son He Youlong (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Melco Crown Entertainment), and successfully resold it for $40 million, with a book profit of $24.88 million after holding the goods for 24 years.
    It is understood that The Belcher's was formerly known as the dormitory for senior civil servants of the Western District Government. It was the first pilot project to build housing by cooperatives. It was completed at the end of 1956. It was acquired by Shun Tak and others in the 1980s and rebuilt into The Belcher's. When it was released that year, all the members of the Gambling King family entered the market.