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    18 May 2023

    MOUNT NICHOLSON洋房上月5.77億易手 新買家須付至少8661萬辣稅
    MOUNT NICHOLSON changed hands for $577 million last month. The new buyer has to pay at least $86.61M spicy tax

    多次成登上「亞洲樓王」的超級豪宅山頂MOUNT NICHOLSON,在上月中以約5.77億元沽出其中12號洋房,據指,新買家至少要支付15%的住宅從價印花稅,涉及約8661萬元,足夠買下10間藍籌屋苑太古城的單位。

    MOUNT NICHOLSON貴為亞洲樓王,吸引不少內地富豪入市成為業主,包括香江集團劉氏家族曾經以合共約23.64億元入市,支付以億
    Mount Nicholson, the super luxury house on the top of the "Asian Building King" has been successfully boarded many times. In the middle of last month, house No. 12 was sold for about $577 million. It is reported that the new buyer has to pay at least 15% of the residential ad valorem stamp duty. It involves about $86.61 million, enough to buy 10 units in Taikoo Shing.
    The unit has a usable area of 7,042 square feet, with four bedrooms and four sets with storage rooms, a garden and swimming pool of 2,715 square feet, a courtyard of 1,970 square feet and two parking spaces. There is no roof area. This bungalow changed hands in the middle of last month for $577.444 million, with a transaction price of $82,000 per square foot. According to reports, the registered new buyer’s surname is Chen, and his English name is in Mandarin Pinyin. He has to pay stamp duty of 15% of the transaction price, which is about $86.617 million. However, it is unknown whether he is required to pay buyer’s stamp duty. There is a chance that he is a mainlander or owns a property in Hong Kong.
    MOUNT NICHOLSON is the king of real estate in Asia, attracting many wealthy mainlanders to enter the market and become owners, including the Liu family of Heung Kong Group, which once entered the market with a total of about $2.364 billion and paid hundreds of millions of "spicy tax".
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