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    04 May 2023

    Transactions for luxury properties

    本港經濟逐步復常,帶動樓市氣氛好轉,豪宅特色戶連環錄得成交。其中,淺水灣低密度豪宅SPYGLASS HILL一個頂層複式單位,新近以9400萬連1個車位易手,呎價逾3.2萬;大潭陽明山莊一個中層單位,最近以4400萬連車位售出,呎價約30534元。
    市場消息透露,位於淺水灣道96號的SPYGLASS HILL,一直甚少放盤,惟最近一個頂層複式單位,面積2922方呎,天台面積2921方呎,5房間隔,以1.08億放售,吸引買家洽購,議價後最終以9400萬連車位沽出,呎價約32170元。據了解,單位原業主於2007年6月以4850萬購入,持貨約16年轉售,帳面獲利4550萬,單位期內升值94%。

    Hong Kong's economy is gradually returning to normal, which has led to an improvement in the atmosphere of the property market, and a series of transactions have been recorded for luxury residential properties. Among them, a top-floor duplex unit in SPYGLASS HILL, a low-density mansion in Repulse Bay, recently changed hands for 94 million with 1 parking space, and the price per square foot is more than $32,000, about $30534.
    According to market sources, SPYGLASS HILL, located at No. 96 Repulse Bay Road, has rarely been put on the market, but the latest penthouse duplex unit, with an area of ​​2,922 square feet, a roof area of ​​2,921 square feet, and 5 rooms, was sold at $108 million, attracting buyers. After negotiating the price, it was finally sold for $94 million including a parking space, at a price of about $32,170 per square foot. It is understood that the original owner of the unit purchased it for $48.5 million in June 2007, and resold it after holding the goods for about 16 years. The book profit was $45.5 million, and the value of the unit increased by 94% within the period.
    According to the news, Room 47 on the middle floor of Tower 7 of Hong Kong Parkview in Tai Tam, with an area of ​​1,441 square feet, 3 bedrooms and 2 suites, was recently sold for $44 million with 1 parking space, and the price per square foot is about $30,534; a top floor with a rooftop in Redhill Peninsula in the same district Unit B, with an area of ​​1,013 square feet and a roof area of ​​924 square feet, recently changed hands for $29.38 million with 1 parking space, and the price per square foot is about $29,003.
    A duplex apartment in Room A, high-rise, Block 2, Bel-Air Bay Phase 6, Pokfulam, with an area of ​​2,192 sq., was sold for $37.483 millions.