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    26 Apr 2023

    The 3-bedrooms unit of Broadview Villa in Happy Valley was sold for $100 million , tying the historical record of the building


    Luxury homes in the urban area are highly sought after, and the market has recorded large transactions in recent days. According to reports, Room B on the middle floor of Broadview Vila has a salable area of ​​2,583 square feet, and the original owner sold it for $128 million. The double parking spaces were sold for $100 million, with a price of $38,715 per square foot. The property price and the price per square foot tied the historical record of the estate. The original owner bought the site at the beginning of 2009 for $39.88 million and held it for about 14 years, making a book profit of $60.12 million, an appreciation of 1.5 times.
    Broadview Villa is located at No. 20 Broadwood Road. It has 1 block and provides 85 units. It has always attracted many celebrities, such as singer Leon Lai, the second wife of the late gambling king Stanley Ho, Lan Qiongying, and former Miss Hong Kong Cheng Wenya.