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    20 Apr 2023

    Manhattan Tower頂層複式1.23億沽
    Manhattan Tower top floor duplex sold for $123 million

    受惠通關效應,豪宅市場交投轉趨活躍,而且不乏大額成交個案。市場消息透露,港島南區指標豪宅、鮮有成交的淺水灣Manhattan Tower,其中一個頂層複式單位,剛以1.23億連3個車位易手,呎價逾5.5萬。成交價及呎價均創項目新高。
    位於淺水灣道63號的Manhattan Tower,由田北俊旗下萬泰集團發展,項目合共只有40伙,由於目前集團仍然持有大部分單位作收租用途,加上業主非富則貴,因此極少成交,對上一宗買賣已經是2021年11月,當時一個高層B單位,面積1999方呎,以約9000萬成交,呎價約45023元,市場盛傳買家為維他奶羅氏家族成員。
    香島道45號於1992年入伙,整個屋苑有14座洋房,同時有A、B兩座分層住宅,每座樓高3層。是次出售之11號洋房位於屋苑前排,面積約2337.94方呎,連面積約540方呎天台及約829方呎花園 。

    Thanks to the customs clearance effect, the luxury housing market has become more active, and there are many large-scale transactions. According to market sources, one of the top-floor duplex units in Manhattan Tower, a landmark luxury residence in the southern district of Hong Kong Island and rarely traded, has just changed hands for $123 million including 3 parking spaces, and the price per square foot is more than $55,000. Both the transaction price and the price per square foot hit a new high for the project.
    According to news, the penthouse duplex unit that just changed hands has an area of ​​2,215 square feet, including a 1,186-square-foot platform and an 837-square-foot roof. It is understood that the original owner of the unit spent $34.18 million to buy it in May 1996, and resold it after holding the goods for nearly 27 years, with a book profit of $88.82 million.
    Holding the goods for 27 years earned $88.82 million
    Manhattan Tower, located at No. 63 Repulse Bay Road, is developed by Tian Beijun's Wantai Group. There are only 40 units in the project. Since the group still holds most of the units for rent collection, and the owner is either rich or expensive, there are very few transactions , The last transaction was already in November 2021. At that time, a high-rise unit B with an area of ​​1,999 square feet was sold for about $90 million, and the price per square foot was about $45,023. The market rumored that the buyer was a member of the Vitasoy Roche family.
    The news also revealed that the low-floor unit C of Pearl Gardens in Mid-Levels West, with an area of ​​1,900 square feet, was sold for $40.38 million and 1 parking space, and the price per square foot was $21,253; a high-rise unit A of Beauty Court in the same district, with an area of ​​1,425 square feet, was recently sold for $36.5 million, the price per square foot is about $25,614.
    In fact, recent luxury houses have frequently recorded large-scale transactions. For example, Room B, a high-rise building in Block 3, Mid-Levels Garden Terrace, with an area of ​​2,828 square feet, 3 bedrooms and a study room, was recently sold for about $100 million, with a price of $35,361 per square foot. The original owner of the unit was in In November 1999, he spent $22.5 million to buy it, and resold it after holding the property for more than 23 years, with a book profit of $80.5 million.
    No. 45 Island Road was occupied in 1992. There are 14 houses in the whole estate, and there are two strata houses A and B, each with 3 floors. House No. 11 for sale is located in the front row of the housing estate, with an area of ​​about 2337.94 square feet, including a roof area of ​​about 540 square feet and a garden of about 829 square feet.
    With the comprehensive customs clearance between the mainland and Hong Kong, the long-standing purchasing power of the mainland has been gradually released, which is good for the overall property market in Hong Kong, especially the luxury housing market.