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    16 Feb 2023

    建築商正記家族減持 羅嘉瑞家族成員低價入市松柏新邨
    The Ching Kee family of builders reduced their portfolio, member of the Lo Ka Shui's family entered Evergreen Villa at a low price

    本港老牌建築商正記曾氏家族近月頻頻沽貨,短短約8個月三度減持東半山松柏新邨單位,套現逾1.71億元,最新以6,100萬元沽出1伙4房戶。據代理消息指,松柏新邨A座中層1室,實用面積2,363平方呎,4房間隔,原連車位叫價6,500萬元,最終大減400萬元或6.2%,以6,100萬元售出,呎價25,815元,成交價相對2019年10月樓下低兩層同室,賣平800萬元或11.6%。。代理稱買家以LO, ELIZABETH BO KING作登記,與鷹君集團(0041)主席兼董事總經理羅嘉瑞孻女羅寶瓊名字相同,料為同一人。新買家今次入市,只需付樓價4.25%印花稅,即以首置身份入市。

    The Cheng Kee Tseng's family, an established builder in Hong Kong, has frequently sold goods in recent months. In just about 8 months, it reduced its holdings of units in Evergreen Villa in the Eastern Mid-Levels three times, cashing out more than $171 million, and recently sold a 4-bedroom unit for $61 million. According to agent information, Room 1 on the middle floor of Block A of Evergreen Villa has a usable area of ​​2,363 square feet and is separated by 4 rooms. The original asking price with parking spaces was $65 million, but it was finally sold for $61 million with a big discount of $4 million or 6.2%. The price is $25,815 per square foot. The transaction price is two floors lower than that of the same room downstairs in October 2019, and the selling price is $8 million or 11.6%. . According to the agent, the buyer is registered as LO, ELIZABETH BO KING, and has the same name as Lo Bo King, the daughter of Lo Ka Shui, chairman and managing director of Great Eagle Group (0041), and is expected to be the same person. New buyers who enter the market this time only need to pay 4.25% stamp duty on the property price, that is, enter the market as a first home buyer.
    It is understood that the Cheng Kee Tseng's family has successively reduced their holdings in Evergreen Villa units in recent months, including selling a 4-bedroom unit on the lower floor of Block D in the same housing estate for $70 million in early June last year, and then reduced their holdings in August of the same year for $40.9 million The rooftop unit on the top floor of Block E in same building means that together with the above address, it has sold property three times in just about 8 months, and cashed out more than $171 million.