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    06 Feb 2023

    A case of loss of super-luxury Unit

    本港山頂超級豪宅驚現蝕讓個案。有「亞洲樓王」稱號的MOUNT NICHOLSON一個中層單位,連一個車位於上月底以約3.9億元登記易手,平均呎價不足9萬元,原業主帳面蝕逾1.38億元,料為近年最大。
    至於近年貶值金額較大豪宅,包括有原由內地資金持有的西半山豪宅敦皓特色戶,實用面積逾2,300方呎,去年3月以約1.38億元沽出,較2018年時購入價1.888億元,帳面貶值逾5,000萬元或約26.9%易手。另外,原由海航集團或相關人士持有的山頂TWELVE PEAKS雙號屋,實用面積約4,241方呎,也於去年初由銀主以約3.87億元轉售,呎價約91,252元,較2015年購入價約5.06億元,帳面貶值約1.19億元,樓價蒸發約23.5%。

    A case of loss of super-luxury mansions on the top of the hill in Hong Kong. A middle-floor unit in Mount Nicholson, which has the title of "Asian Building King", was registered and changed hands at the end of last month for about $390 million. The average price per square foot was less than $90,000. The average price per square foot fell to $84,000
    According to the data, the above-mentioned unit is located in Block D of Phase 3, with a salable area of ​​about 4,596 square feet. The average price per square foot of this transaction is only $84,800. Later, another parking space will be purchased for $9 million in 2021, that is, the purchase price of the unit and the parking space will be about $529 million. Based on the latest transaction price, the book loss will be about 26.3%. It is reported that new buyers only need to pay 4.25% ad valorem stamp duty on the property, so they are first-time buyers.
    In fact, the transaction price per sq. ft. of this project has hit a new high in Asia for strata houses. In November 2021, a high-rise unit in Block D of this project, with a usable area of ​​4,544 square feet, four-room partition, and 3 parking spaces, sold for more than $639 million through bidding, and the price per square foot was about $140,800. This set of parking spaces is the most expensive in the world. The first batch of 3 parking spaces registered for sale in the same year, with an average price of $11.888 million each.
    As for the luxury houses that have depreciated in value in recent years, including The Morgan special unit in Mid-Levels West originally held by mainland funds, the usable area exceeds 2,300 square feet. It was sold for about $138 million in March last year, compared with the purchase price of $188.8 million in 2018, the book depreciated by more than $50 million or about 26.9% changed hands.