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    02 Feb 2023

    名門之後8200萬首置購中半山嘉富麗苑 外祖父創辦的中學好有名
    Grandson of a famous family buys Clovelly Court in Mid-Levels Central at $82M as the first home buyer

    市場錄名人買賣個案,最新有老牌家族入市中半山豪宅。資料顯示,中半山梅道嘉富麗苑1座低層B室,實用面積約2,348平方呎,最新連車位於上月以8,200萬元沽出,呎價約34,923元。單位的新買家為WONG, SHAN KUK NICHOLAS,與鄧鏡波外孫黃山谷名字相同,料為同一人。值得留意的是,買家是次以首置身份入市。

    The market has recorded celebrity buying and selling cases, and the latest is an established family entering the market for a luxury unit in Mid-Levels. According to the data, Room B on the lower floor of Block 1, Clovelly Court, May Road, Mid-Levels Central, has a salable area of about 2,348 square feet with car park was sold last month for $82 million, and the price per square foot is about $34,923. The new buyer of the unit is WONG, SHAN KUK NICHOLAS, who has the same name as Tang King Po's grandson, Wong Shan Kuk , and is expected to be the same person. It is worth noting that this is the first time for buyers to enter the market as first home buyers.
    The original owner purchased the unit for $23.8 million in January 1999 and held the property for about 24 years. The book profit from this transfer was $58.2 million or about 2.4 times.
    In fact, Wong Belinda, Tang King Po's granddaughter, also sold Room F, Block 1 of Starcrest in Wanchai for $35 million as early as 2019. At that time, she made about $2 million on the book.