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    19 Jan 2023

    貝沙灣5房3套連平台戶 1.88億獲承接 創分層新高
    Bel-Air 5-bedrooms, 3-ensuites unit sold for $188 million, setting a new high in stratification


    Second-hand transactions have become more prosperous, and transactions of luxury houses have also been recorded one after another. The unit sold in the market is Room A, High Floor, Block 5, Phase 4 of Bel-Air, with a usable area of 3,824 square feet and a construction area of 4,811 square feet. There are 5 bedrooms and 3 ensuites, with panoramic sea views and a characteristic sky platform of about 250 square feet. The owner changed hands of the unit for $188 million, equivalent to an average usable sq. ft. price of $49,163.
    The original owner bought the unit for $96.8 million in 2012, held the property for 11 years, made a book profit of $91.2 million, and the unit appreciated by 94%.