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    22 Sep 2022

    Yeung Yiu Chung's family purchased 4 rooms in Leighton Hill.


    The property market is not clear, and there is no way to prevent the old family from sweeping the goods. According to the data, the 4-bedroom A-room in Block 5 of Leighton Hill, Happy Valley, with a usable area of 1,724 square feet, was sold for $102 million in the second half of last month, at a price of $59,165 per square foot, which is expected to hit a new high for standard households in this estate.
    It is understood that the new buyers entered the market in the form of companies. The directors of the company include YEUNG KWOK YUI, who are members of the late "King of Industrial Buildings" Yeung Yiu Chung's family and related persons.
    YEUNG KWOK YUI and others entered the market in the name of the company this time, and they have to pay a 30% tax on the property price, that is, the tax is as high as $30.6 million, which is equivalent to more than 7 units in City One Shatin with a recent market value of about $4 million.
    It is worth mentioning that YEUNG KWOK YUI and others also spent $6 million to purchase a parking space in the same housing estate through the above-mentioned companies, that is, the unit and the parking space involved a total of $108 million.
    The original owners of the above-mentioned units and parking spaces entered the market in 2002 with a price of $24.087 million, and they made a net profit of $83.913 million or 3.5 times when they left the market.