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    14 Sep 2022

    貝沙灣3房套全海景戶 3368萬元獲承接
    Bel-Air 3-bedroom suite with idence panoramic sea view sold for $33.68 million


    Flat B on the lower floor of Block 6, Bel-Air Phase 1, with a usable area of ​​1,190 square feet and a construction area of ​​1,460 square feet, with a 3-bedroom suite and a worker's suite, enjoying the panoramic sea view. The owner changed hands for $33.68 million, equivalent to an average usable square foot price of $28,303.
    Buyers have been looking at the property for a long time, and seeing the high quality of the units, they impress the owners with sincerity and seize the best time to enter the market. The original owner bought the unit for $19.5 million in December 2011, held the goods for 11 years, made a book profit of $14.18 million, and the unit appreciated by 73%.