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    07 Sep 2022

    內地客甩名買淺水灣豪宅 慳稅4300萬夠買10間沙田第一城
    Mainland buyer bought a luxury in Repulse Bay, save $43 million, enough to buy 10 Shatin City One

    土地註冊資料顯示,長實 (01113)旗下南區淺水灣道90號(90 REPULSE BAY ROAD)2號屋,實用面積5,347平方呎,連870平方呎天台、367平方呎花園,日前以逾4.01億元售出,呎價約7.5萬元,登記買家為內地客(姓名為漢語拼音),而且以首置身份入市,僅支付樓價4.25%稅款。

    Land registration information shows that House No. 2, 90 Repulse Bay Road (90 REPULSE BAY ROAD), a subsidiary of Cheung Kong (01113), has a usable area of ​​5,347 square feet, with a roof of 870 square feet and a garden of 367 square feet. It was sold for $100 million, and the price per square foot was about $75,000. The registered buyer was a mainlander (named in Chinese Pinyin), who entered the market as a first-time home buyer, and only paid 4.25% of the property price tax.
    According to the data, the mainland customer originally purchased a 4 large unit in Hong Kong Parkview in the Southern District for $108 million in 2019. At the end of last month, he internally transferred it to his relatives for $80 million, and purchased the above-mentioned No. 90 Repulse Bay Road as a first-time home buyer. For bungalows, the stamping fee has been reduced from the original $60 million to 17 million, and the tax saving is about $43 million, which is enough to buy 10 2-bedroom units in Shatin City One. According to frontline agent data, Shatin City No. 1 temporarily recorded 7 2-room transactions this month, and the most flat transaction price was only $4.12 million.