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    25 Aug 2022

    雲景台3房套2630萬連車位沽 46年升值86倍
    Evelyn Tower 3-bedroom suite with parking spaces sold for $26.3 million & has appreciated 86 times in 46 years


    Room B on the upper floor of Evelyn Tower, Mid-levels of North Point, has a usable area of 1,065 square feet and a construction area of 1,198 square feet. The owner asked for a price of $28 million, and finally changed hands for $26.3 million with a cumulative reduction of $1.7 million, and the usable square foot price was $24,694. The buyer belongs to the user in the outer area. He has been inspecting the property in the area for more than 2 years. Seeing the high quality of the unit, he will bargain with the owner. The final transaction price is 6% lower than the asking price. The original owner bought the unit for $301,000 in 1976 and held it for 46 years, earning a book profit of $25.999 million, and the unit appreciated more than 86 times.