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    25 Aug 2022

    【蝕讓成交】北角半山靚裝豪宅2950萬沽 蝕讓近300萬
    [Loss deal] North Point Mid-levels beautifully decorated luxury unit sold for $29.5 million, with a loss of nearly 3 million


    The negative impact of U.S. interest rate hikes on the housing market has become more and more obvious, and the eclipse has spread to the luxury housing market. Room I on the lower floor of North Point Mid-level Hilltop, with a usable area of 1,657 square feet, the owner sold the unit for $29.5 million a few days ago due to immigration, which is about $820,000 lower than the bank's online estimate of $30.32 million.
    The interior decoration of the unit is still new, and the view is open, which is a high-quality unit. Reflects that the owner sells the goods at a low market price. According to the data, the original owner of Room I on the lower floor of the Peak View Building, North Point, purchased the unit for $30.58 million in early 2019 and held the property for about 3.5 years. Miscellaneous expenses such as agency commissions are expected to actually lose nearly $3 million and leave the market.